Better email marketing – 7 ways you can improve performance

With our inboxes busier than ever, it’s becoming increasing difficult to cut through all the noise and get noticed. Email is STILL, hands down, the best marketing channel you can use with an average or 4400% ROI. Who doesn’t want a piece of that!

But since everyone DOES want a piece of that, there’s a lot of competition – lots of other businesses using email and dropping into the email boxes of YOUR audience. So you need to up your game a level and use some techniques that will create better email marketing as easily as possible.

The following 7 tips will help you maximise the potential of your emails and you’ll see improvements as a result.


Using someone’s name in an email can have a really positive impact.

It helps build a relationship and implies that you ‘know’ them (to a degree). Don’t just use a name at the top of your email, consider using it in the subject line too which can help boost open rates. You can even use it within the main body of the email or maybe even on the sign off at the bottom.


While we’re all busy working to build our businesses, anything we can do to save some time is a god send.

That’s where automation can really help. Setting up emails for automated delivery based on all sorts of triggers like, sign up, post-purchase, abandoned baskets and more, will not only maintain a relationship with those on your list, but also serve to get sales. This is the perfect solution to ‘make money while you sleep’!

Better email marketing so you can make money while you sleep
The best kind of dream – making money while you sleep


Statistics show that targeted emails can increase your engagement and conversion by huge margins.

Make sure that emails you send are tailored to the right audience. Group contacts together where they have similar things in common like, purchasers, non-purchasers, men, women etc.

If you use a ‘spray and pray’ approach and send the same thing to everyone, it won’t be relevant to all and you may find that your unsubscribe numbers increase as a result.


The best approach is to ONLY have contacts on your list that have signed up themselves, otherwise known as ‘opted in’.

However, there may be occasion when you have to manually add or import email addresses. But you must remember that in order to prove consent, which is what GDPR requires, you need to keep whatever consent that contact gave you. If it was a paper based sign up, you need to keep a copy.

Even if it was a phone conversation, you need to keep a recording of that phone call.

Yep – really!

To avoid any issue, I urge you all to ONLY use a proper sign up where the subscriber signs up themselves.


Even before someone sees your carefully crafted email, they’ve got to open it first and if your subject line isn’t enticing enough, that might not happen.

Keep your subject line short, succinct and relevant.

Make it too long and it might get truncated (cut off) and not make sense.

The first 4 words are the most important so make ‘em good’.

For loads more on subject lines (and some unfortunate mistakes!) check out the post here.


It’s great to include images in emails but don’t forget that there are still some phones that don’t download images straight away.

Make sure that the text makes sense without the image too.

And if you do use images, make sure that you can see them clearly on a mobile. Over 50% of your email list is likely to read your emails on a mobile so you’ll need to make sure it’s a good experience.


Before you hit the send button, always ensure that you have fully tested how it looks on both desktop and mobile and that all the links work.

There’s nothing worse than sending out an email to hundreds, or thousands of recipients than realising afterwards that the main link wasn’t working. And then you have to do it all again and send out another email with the right link.

Avoid that by spending a few valuable minutes checking it all first. You’ll be glad that you did.

Even though we know that our inboxes are often at capacity, follow these techniques and you’re already going to be performing at a level above a lot of your competitors. Try it out and let me know in the comments how it goes.

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