Hi I'm Loren
I'm an ecommerce expert of 25 years and I'm dedicated to helping independent online retailers like you scale their sales.

Are you winging it?
You've created a website to sell your products, it's 'out there' and you're getting some sales. But it's not growing as you'd hoped, every sale feels like a struggle and you're not getting repeat customers. You have no forward plan, you don't have a clue where to start with improving your marketing and what the heck is SEO?!
The marketing can be the hardest part

It can all get
very overwhelming

Running your own ecommerce business requires a range of skills that you may not have needed previously, particularly if you are working as a one-man band or small team. The tech, the strategy, the planning. If you don't have the right foundations in place, an effective website that converts, the right marketing dedicated to sales, analytics to measure your success and clear targets and goals, you are preventing growth and denying yourself the success you deserve.

Don't worry. I've got you.

Goodbye tech overwhelm and lack of marketing know how.
Hello to more sales, better conversions and bigger profits.

I help online retail businesses like yours go from being overwhelmed and time poor due endless battles with tech and lack of marketing knowhow, to being organised, in control and profitable without sacrificing weekends, evenings and sanity.
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Does this sound familiar?

  • Getting traffic to your website but it’s not converting to sales
  • Not sure how to check what’s working and what isn’t
  • Feel you have too much to do and you’re feeling constantly overwhelmed
  • Hate the tech but know it’s important for your business
  • Want to do more marketing but don’t feel you have the budget
  • Spend hours on Google or YouTube but it’s getting you nowhere
  • Perhaps you’re running Facebook ads but you’re not seeing much of a return
  • Maybe you’ve already paid others to help you but nothing stuck, you didn’t get results and you feel it was wasted money
Time to take control and make a change
Work with me
I get it. Truly.

It shouldn’t feel this hard.

Entrepreneurship motivated you to start your online shop but it’s turning out to be a little harder than you thought.

I’ve worked with many independant online retailers just like you. I’ve helped them go from making sporadic unreliable sales to a regular monthly income they’d only dreamed of.

Let's chat about how you can be my next success story

Something great is
within your grasp

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