Why customer feedback is important and 5 ways to get it

Customers spend 31% more when a business has positive reviews.

Why is customer feedback so important?

Feedback can sometimes be the only way to get any real insight into your services or product performance. It can allow you to see what’s working really well – and what’s not working so well. Think beyond the actual product or service and you can acquire insight into the user’s experience too – not just the end result – their opinions of how they got there as well. Or maybe, why they didn’t get there.

You can also use the feedback process to survey for future products or services you’re working on, that they might be interested in. It can be a powerful tool.

98% of buyers read online reviews before making a purchase decision.
eMarketer and Bizrates

5 ways to get feedback

So how are you going to get all this lovely feedback? Well, here are a few ways you can do it, along with my TOP 2 if you’re starting out for the first time.


These can be set up to be anonymous, which is a great feature – not everyone wants to go public. A variety of different types of questions can be set up and if you’re using a paid survey tool, the answers can be amalgamated into more user friend insights. 

2. PDF questionaires

You can use any kind of standard too to create these – Word, Powerpoint, Google Slides, Google Docs, Pages, and more. All you need to do when you’ve created it is to ‘Save as a PDF’. As an extra and to make it super easy for people, make it a fillable PDF, then it can be filled in digitally and sent back easily.

3. Phone calls and personal emails

Don’t underestimate the power of a good follow up phone call or email. Often, you’ll get insight that couldn’t be answered by a survey – an indepth or even emotional response that a questionaire can’t convey. It’s really personal and focused but not everyone will have the time for this. Take into account the size of the service or product they purchased. If they only spent £2.50 on a notepad, this is not a good use of your time – or theirs.

And here’s my TOP TWO

4. Facebook reviews

This can work well if you simply want a quote. Additionally, because it’s public, others will see it too. Great if it’s a really good review. And reviews can often be integrated into your website automatically too. I do that on this website! Check the homepage.

5. Simple feedback forms

Functionality like that which can be used to create a contact form, can actually be used to create a feedback form. Very handy if you just have a few questions. Simply send a link to a page where the form sits on your website – it doesn’t need to be on your website navigation – it doesn’t need to be ‘public’. You can automate sending a link to a form within your email marketing solution too. Imagine automating your feedback! Brilliant!

What to do with customer feedback once you’ve got it

Any feedback, in turn, provides a platform for improvement. It will tell you what’s missing OR, what’s brilliant about your products or services so that you can use those angles to get more happy customers.

It can help guide how you progress with your business. Does it highlight a gap for new products or services that you don’t currently offer?

The trouble with feedback is often that it can be biased. For example, people are more likely to feedback about something that was bad rather than something good. The way around this is to focus responses to specific answers with specific prompts (questions). This kind of thing can be done easily with a scale system – like a ‘rate from 1 to 10’ kinda thing.

Additionally, you need to have a good number of answers before you can make any assumptions on what it means. A single person telling you your product was rubbish shouldn’t cause you to make any changes. If 9 more tell you the same thing, then you might have an issue after all. BUT, if those 10 people are just a tiny percentage of 100 good reviews, then that will tell you something different again. It’s all about perspective.

Basically, what this is all telling you is that you need to get started! The number of reviews matters so the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll have some insights to take a look at.

So there’s no excuses for not surveying your customers or asking for a bit of feedback or a review from your happy clients. I’m happy to tell you that I already do much of what I’ve written above. And I’m happy to openly ask for YOUR feedback. If you have any comments to add, please comment below. Thank you.


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  1. Great post. I like the idea of having a feedback form for people to leave messages on the website. We have a contact us form but nothing like We’d love to hear what you think etc…
    One for our list for next year I think

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