Optimise your Instagram bio link

Getting clicks from an Instagram bio link is hard. You only get one link – so you have to make it count.

So how do get multiple links? How can you ensure that you have standard links like sign up to email or to join a Facebook Group?

The good new is that there are are tools around to help you – I’ll cover a few of those – but mainly I wanted to share how easy it is to get a completely customised page.

A lot of page builders and themes for WordPress have a full suite of different page templates you can use. Many WordPress themes have an option to build a completely blank page without a header, footer or sidebar, and that’s exactly what I did. I use the X Pro theme which I love and use on ALL the websites I design for clients. Here’s the template I used.

All I did is create a new page using the blank template and called it Ig. That gives it a super simple URL rather than needing to use a link shortener or having something really long winded.

Then, in Canva, I created a series of little banners around 346 pixels wide, added them to the new page and assigned the destination link to each one. Then clicked ‘publish’. I even had an animated one for the ‘sign up to email’ image.

Pretty cool, huh.

Next, all I needed to do was copy the URL and make it the bio link on my Instagram account. Check it out.

If your WordPress set up doesn’t have the option to create a completely customised page from a blank template, then there are other options available to you.

You can use a WordPress plugin that will provide a blank page template.

WordPress Plugins

This last one is a bit of an anomaly – not because it’s not any good, it is, but because it actually spans both a WordPress plugin AND a specific Instagram bio tool.

Specific Instagram Bio tools

And if those don’t work for you, or if you don’t have a WordPress website, then you can go for one of these tools to get those multiple links you need.

  1. Linktr.ee
    This has a free option which lets you add as many links as you like but you are pretty limited on how it looks.
  2. Shorby
    This provides a lot of options for styling but it’s not a free option unfortunately.
  3. Lnk.Bio
    This is another option that has a free plan which offers unlimited links.

That’s how easy it is. I would love to see your Instagram Bio landing pages. Please comment and let me know your Insta handle so I can check it out.


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