Making progress
And hungry for more

Things are ok so far and you’ve got some decent revenue coming in. You’ve made it through a few years now, but every year is starting to feel the same -  with little progress.

Now you’re starting to lose the love and enjoyment for your business. You’re exhausted and overwhelmed with having to do everything. You don’t have much time to do marketing and really want to grow your sales, but you don’t have the bandwidth to do that and you’re at a loss how to change things.

You're sure things could be better...

Sales are coming in - a steady income every month - great. But you still haven’t got the time to yourself or your family you thought you’d have.

You want to make more money but you don’t know how without adding a bucket load more products. And if it does grow, you’re worried you won’t be able to keep up. You’re not 100% sure what’s actually working anyway - your marketing plan is a bit last minute and you’re the first one to admit that you’re ‘winging it’.

Your email marketing is working ‘ok’, you think. You’re sure it could be better - it’s not your area of expertise so you just start sending more emails each month, but that’s not working - people are unsubscribing and your email list isn’t growing.

Ecommerce can be tough
Honing in on how to make things more effective can be a huge relief.
  • No more second guessing what’s working and what isn’t
  • Marketing activity that matches your sales targets
  • Better automation streamlines conversion
  • More time back in your day for you and your family
Picture this…
You regularly track performance and understand your key metrics. You’ve been able to increase the revenue coming in each month without having to sacrifice your weekends and evenings. Your marketing is working way better than before now that you have a clear plan of the activities that actually work. You have planned growth for next year, you know how you’re going to get there and you’re excited about your business again.
Sounds good, right?
Imagine having an expert with 25 years success and experience in ecommerce to talk to.
Imagine you’ve had an expert of 25 years in ecommerce work with you on your sales plan, your marketing activity and the tech. They’ve helped you identify how to make your marketing run with more automation. Your email marketing is more sophisticated and you’re regularly getting repeat orders. While you spend more time off.
Here's how you make it happen
Next, is to book a free call with me. I’m your expert. We can discuss the blind spots in your performance and any fears about growth. Plus, I’ll do a bit of research for you and give you 3 things you can do straight away to things moving in the right direction.
For starters, here’s a few useful resources for you. These will help you work smarter, not harder. Some of these are video tutorials you'll find in my free Facebook Group so join up so you can check out all of these resources.