Just starting out
And needing guidance
You've created a website to sell your products, it's 'out there' but it's not going quite as you'd hoped and every sale feels like a struggle. You have no forward plan, you don't have a clue where to start with improving your marketing and what the heck is SEO?!

It all looked so easy to start with...

The ecommerce website you’ve got was relatively easy to build on a platform like Shopify or Woocommerce. You want to add some functionality like email sign up, but the tech is hard to get your head around and you’re afraid you’ll ‘break something’ if you try.

You know you need to get more sales, but how? You’re not sure where you should focus, so you spend all your time on Instagram or Tik Tok. You get the odd sale - but you can’t really be sure where it comes from - not really. But you keep posting every day anyway because that’s what works, right?

The truth is that 90% of new ecommerce businesses fail in the first 4 months. Only a meagre 10% will continue past the 4 month mark, but not all of those will go on to succeed either.

Ecommerce can be tough
Selling products online can be amazing and rewarding in so many ways.
  • flexibiity to work around family commitments
  • working for yourself - no boss to answer to
  • be as big or small as you wish
  • bring in extra £££ to help pay for after school clubs or a nice holiday
Picture this…
You get a regular income every month with a steady stream of customers visiting your website every day. The core marketing foundations are all in place and you have an forward plan all mapped out so your business starts to grow. You can see all your hard work paying off.
Sounds good, right?
Imagine having an expert with 25 years success and experience in ecommerce to talk to.
To have them help you set up all the tech and get the marketing foundations in place. Your email marketing is not simply ‘running’ - it’s efficient, effective and automated so you sleep better at night and wake to sales in the morning.
Here's how you make it happen
Just book a free call with me and discover how by working together, we can get that regular income rolling in.
Here’s a few useful resources for you. These will help you in the early days in your business.