How to create an awesome lead magnet

Lead magnets can be a fantastic way to grow your business. First, let’s go over what a lead magnet actually is.

It can also be called a lead generation funnel. It’s a simple process of attracting a contact and then delivering a reward (a freebie) in return for them sharing their details with you (normally their email).

There’s some great reasons why you should be using them. 


  1. It will really grow your email list! – this is THE best and quickest way to grow your email list. Whether you choose to stick to natural and organic visibility or maybe use some paid ads to get your lead magnet ‘out there’, it’ll be sure to bring you some fantastic new subscribers for your email list.
  2. Use it to find more clients – with a well thought out freebie, it can help bring you the clients you want – i.e. those who need what you offer. Your lead magnet can be targeted at those clients you want.
  3. Helps establish your expertise – a freebie can include content that firmly sets out what you offer and how qualified you are in that area. Make sure that you create a freebie that showcases your skills.
  4. It works for ANYONE – it doesn’t matter if your business is product based or service based, or even if your enterprise is a charity or you run a blog, creating a lead magnet will have huge benefits.

It works like this….

First, you create your freebie. Next you capture someone’s email address, and lastly, you confirm their submission and deliver your freebie to them. Simple.

I’ve seen some really good lead magnets and some incredibly bad ones, so there are a few things to think about when you come to create yours.


  1. Create something of value to your audience – this is about answering a need. What is it that your audience needs an answer to? What could you provide that would offer some help?
  2. Use the right format – there are lots of ways that you could create a lead magnet but make sure that it looks good. No one will rate a naff Word document or a poorly put together Powerpoint slide. Use a format that will work best for your audience and that will work best for the content. Keep it simple and it’s not only easy for you to create but it’ll be easy for your audience to understand too.
  3. Design it well and use your branding – make it your own. Adding your logo, colours and images will make it look really professional too. And don’t forget to include your contact details and website and/or social links.
  4. Make it easily available – if you use a free service like Google Docs, make sure that what you produce is publicly available. There’s nothing worse than signing up for something and then you can’t actually get it. 
  5. Instant delivery – make sure you deliver your freebie right away. When someone signs up for something, they expect to receive it immediately so set your delivery mechanic to trigger ASAP. 

Need a good lead magnet example? No problem. I have one of my own right here. It ticks all the boxes in the list above and I can confirm, it’s brought me many new subscribers to my email list.

Don’t just stop at one
Once you’ve mastered how to create your first lead magnet, you can repeat the process for multiple lead magnets. That will provide you with multiple acquisition points for new subscribers, clients and leads.

I hope this inspires you to create what might be your first lead magnet. Please do share below in the comments.

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