On 1st July, Google analytics is changing

Are you ready?

The old version (UA or universal analytics) will cease reporting. This important for everyone, but for those in ecommerce, it's absolutely crucial.

On 1st July, Google analytics changed. A lot!
Are you set?
The old version (UA or universal analytics) has now stopped reporting. This important for everyone, but for those in ecommerce, it's absolutely crucial.
Here's a few things you need to know about the new version
  • Unless you upgrade to the new GA4, performance data will STOP reporting for your website so you'll be working blind.

  • The old version will stay 'alive' for 6 months so you can download historical reports but remember there'll be no new data here.

  • It's EASY to upgrade (and it's free) - just log into your existing analytics account and you'll be prompted onscreen.

  • Make sure that you modify the default data retention setting - default is 2 months - change it to 14 months. Anything older than what you have set will be purged automatically. That's new.
But here's the thing...
Unlike the old version, UA, most of the things you'll need to look at will require you to build the reports yourself (yes, really).

To help ecommerce business owners hit the ground running, I’m running this brilliant interactive workshop, where I'll show you exactly how to build the most important reports.

I mean, we’ll literally build them during the workshop!

It's a 'build -along'!
AND, I’ll show you how you can use what you discover to make improvements.

Introducing the...
An interactive workshop on the ecommerce reporting basics that will take you from a stab in the dark to a fabulous fact based phenomenon!
Join the 'build-along' on Thursday 24th August at 8:00pm
Here's the lowdown...
  • The session takes place online
  • It's recorded so you can watch it again and again
  • You'll get a cheat sheet with ALL the report details
  • It's at a super low price of just £35!
Before you attend this workshop, you should already have upgraded your Google Analytics account to GA4. If you're not sure how to do this, scroll to the bottom of this page for help.
Data is everything. Learn how to make the most from your metrics.
I'll show you the key reports you need, how to set them up and how to interpret them for your benefit.
Basic KPI's
In order to make your online retail business a success, you must be tracking a specific set of metrics. We'll be covering what those are and how to find them in this workshop.
understanding acquisition
It's not enough to just have people visit your website. You need to understand where they came from AND the kind of customer they are.
identify opportunities
Working more regularly with your data will uncover all sorts of opportunities. But you have to start with getting things set up correctly.
Hi. I’m Loren.
I've been working with online retailers for 25 years.

I specialise in helping online retailers transform their ecommerce businesses. I’ve helped many businesses revolutionise their marketing, generating thousands in additional sales.

I've developed this workshop to enable online retailers track their own performance - starting with setting things up for success.

Here's how the programme is set out...
Week 1
Benchmarks and forecasts
Finding numbers and setting goals
Week 2
Conversion pt. 1
Websites, products, checkout, navigation
Week 3
Conversion pt. 2
Email marketing
Week 4
AOV pt. 1
Onsite activity
Week 5
AOV pt. 2
Offsite activity
Week 6
Traffic pt. 1
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Week 7
Traffic pt. 2
Social media and more
Week 8
Tracking and results
Measuring performance
Choose the option that works for you
Option 1 - a single payment of £695
A single, one-off payment of £695
Option 2 - 2 payments of £360
2 payments of £360 paid over 2 months to help spread the cost
Are you ready to unlock your ecommerce analytics?
This 8 week programme is for you if...
  • You’re a female founded online retail business
  • You’re serious about making a change
  • You already have your own online store set up
  • You’re ready for a transformation and consistent success
  • You’re ready to make it happen right now
  • You’ve had enough of the ‘gurus’
  • You’re fed up with Googling the answer to all sorts of marketing issues
  • You’re overwhelmed by conflicting information and strategies
Here's what to do next...
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Still have questions, or not sure if it's right for you?
Perhaps you have a question I’ve not answered here. Or maybe you’re not sure about whether this workshop is for you or not? You might need more tailored support. Either way, your can simply drop me an email, or book a free call with me by clicking the button below.