Fairly established
And ready to scale
Your business is doing well. You have regular £10K+ months and you’re able to support your family financially. But you know that there are things you could improve. Your sales still seem to fluctuate and you want to scale but not sure which direction to take.

Scaling is the next step but you need to improve your KPIs...

You have a few things outsourced to agencies but it’s costing you more than you thought and you’re not convinced that it’s working - they’re blinding you with stats and you feel they’re hiding the truth so they can keep taking your money.

Your email list is big - you’re sure it could be used more effectively, and it’s costing you more and more as time goes on and. You’ve paid for coaches and ‘gooroos’ but been let down as it was costly, too general and never really fitted your business model.

You’re aware of your KPIs but don’t know how to improve them. You believe scaling is the next step but you don’t know whether you need to increase your product range,  sell on Etsy or Amazon or something else.

Ecommerce can be tough
Getting a better understanding of what’s happening in your business means you always have total control.
  • KPIs and sales targets are more detailed and 100% based on data
  • Marketing activity is totally aligned with sales targets
  • You only work a few days a week
  • You already have 2 holidays booked and you have more time for the family
Picture this…
You have total visibility of your key metrics and have an ongoing plan to improve them at a granular level. You’ve set up a new revenue channel this year which has brought new sales and new customers into the business at a great ROI. Customer retention is improved, customer acquisition is cost effective and you know exactly what marketing activity works best for conversion.
Sounds good, right?
Imagine having an expert with 25 years success and experience in ecommerce to talk to.
They're be on hand to advise on the most effective marketing channels and activity in your business, whilst providing insight on successful results driven activity with other ecommerce businesses. They help you to keep customer acquisition costs low and retention high. Marketing is more sophisticated, driven by data and customer behaviour and runs on auto-pilot, bringing in bigger orders on repeat, leaving you to put in an order for that new car with confidence.
Here's how you make it happen
Just book a free call. This is a no obligation call with me that will give us the opportunity to delve into the detail and discuss the best way forwards for you and your business. It can help to identify any existing speed bumps that might prevent you from making better performance right now - even without any additional activity.
For starters, here’s a few useful resources for you. These will provide a bit of guidance on where to start improving.