Why you need to check your analytics

Analytics is a crucial part of any online activity – or should be! It’s important that you understand the numbers and what they mean so you can base future decisions on solid data rather than guess work.

One of my favourite quotes is this.

“Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”
William Deming

Says it all doesn’t it.

I regularly see business owners who run Facebook ads or PPC (Pay Per Click) or spend hours creating posts for Instagram and Pinterest, without actually checking whether it’s effective or not. You might find out that it’s a huge waste of money and effort. Wouldn’t that be a depressing discovery?

So, it’s important that you know and understand the analytics behind your online activity.

What you need is Google Analytics

Most website platforms and social media platforms have their own version of analytics. They can provide insights as to the likes, views, clicks or story views etc. but it’s done in silo – just within the channel itself.

Less than 30% of small businesses use any kind of analytics

If the ultimate goal is to get people back to your website, to buy a product or service for example, you need to evaluate success right the way to the end result or purchase, so you need a fully joined up view.

This is where Google Analytics comes in.

Google Analytics can track ALL traffic to your website, and how it interacts with your content. Using this, you can see traffic that is generated from any source – organic (free) traffic like Google search or your social media channels, or from any paid activity you do to promote traffic to your website, like Adwords or Facebook Ads.

Check your website analytics with google analytics

Do you pay to appear on other websites?

If you pay for inclusion in an online directory for instance, you can use Google Analytics to monitor the traffic from that particular traffic source. You can then use that information to assess whether it was worth the investment and whether you choose to keep up the activity.

You might pay for a sponsored blog post or other kind of appearance – the same analytics monitoring is required in order to judge whether the activity is doing what you hoped.

Get set up with Google Analytics

It’s easy to get started with Google Analytics. Best of all – IT’S FREE! Just use your Google login to sign up for your free account.

The extra added bonus is that lots of other marketing tools you might use can also be integrated with Google Analytics which gives you that lovely, full-rounded view and you’ll be able to assess the performance of all your marketing efforts.

Monitor your analytics regularly and make your decisions based on science, not guesswork. Progress will come from knowing where the best performance comes from.


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